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Free as a Bird Frolics

At least once a month (at least ) you owe it to yourself to take a break from being so darned serious and terribly adult. You need a Play Date!  A place where you can let loose, laugh, have some fun that is funny, be spontaneous, enjoy the presence of others and lose yourself in the pleasure of the moment.

Because play is not just for kids. It’s refreshing and full of deep enjoyment for folks of any age! Come on, you know you want to play. Join us for a few hours of make believe where the innocent Inner child meets the wise inner elder. You will be glad you did. No special talent is required, other than your natural talent for being yourself. Voice, movement, improv, personas, let’s pretend games, and some deep relaxation to integrate it all, too.

Saturday, October 17th 1-4pm at Headwaters, 84 Fourth Street, Ashland–across from the Unitarian Center

Special Introductory pricing– only $25!  Pre-registration is necessary. Please use the PayPal button below to register by October 12th-  

Free as a Bird Frolics meets again on Saturday, November 21st.

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Gathering Together: Enhancing Wellbeing and Meaning, Sunday, October 18th, 4-4:45 pm Pacific time

The theme for October’s gathering is Meaning and Purpose in Later Life.

Join in a monthly gathering focused on increasing wellbeing and happiness as we age. You can take part easily no matter where you are, because we will gather the circle by phone. Each circle will focus upon a particular theme and will include educational tools, experiential exercises, valuable growth-oriented resources and the opportunity for participants to share with each other conversationally.


  • Enhance connectivity and community
  • Gain new insights on important topics and issues about aging and vitality
  • Kindle inspiration from positive role models and fresh perspectives
  • Gain tools that will increase your wellbeing and happiness
  • Gather with a circle of peers for real-life sharing
  • Tap into the power of group wisdom for solutions and shifts
  • Raise your awareness of the role and importance of the elder
  • Learn from Gaea’s expertise and understanding about wellness, creativity and spirituality

Program cost is $10. To register via PayPal, click the button below.

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Ashland Book and Author Fair, October 3rd at the Hannon Library at Southern Oregon UniversitySage’s Play will have a table at the fair, and Gaea will be there with her book Songs of the Inner Life, the sassy Audacious Aging Kit and information on Sage’s Play programs and resources. At 2:30, Gaea will be giving a talk on the healing power of memoir and life review. It will be a lot of fun, and hope to see you there.

Sunday, October 25th, 1pm at the Ashland Library

Gaea will be reading from Songs of the Inner Life and speaking about the healing power of memoir and life review.

Bolder & Wiser

Gaea is currently developing a solo performance titled “Bolder & Wiser” which will include a collection of songs from A New Wrinkle, our musical revue on aging, as well as inspiring insights, poetry, and a bit of provocation– all served up with a generous dollop of humor. Stay tuned….