Songs of the Inner Life is both a memoir and an example of life review. The book explores how the inner life of imagination and spirit interfaces with the events of outer reality in ways that are sometimes surprising and mysterious.

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Gaea Yudron’s luminous writing reveals the magical realism of rich inner life. Her stories seamlessly blend her social activism, her Buddhist quest, her loves and losses and her dream life into an unconventional yet deeply compelling memoir. This is a book that will deepen your connection with the mysterious forces that shape and nurture each of our lives.
—Steven Scholl, founding publisher of White Cloud Press

Gaea Yudron has written a beautiful and moving chronicle of her life that will inspire you to expand and deepen your vision of your own life.
—Laurel Vukovic, author of Journal of Desires, Herbal Healing Secrets for Women

“Whoever thought that a spiritual journey could read like a roller coaster ride?  As Bette Davis said, “Fasten your seat belts! ” — and be ready for a great ride in Gaea Yudron’s memoir of her life and times.”

—Harry (Rick) Moody, Author, The Five Stages of the Soul, Faculty, Fielding Graduate University

Gaea Yudron is an extraordinary woman who has written an equally extraordinary memoir. A spiritual adventurer, she has allowed both the challenges and transcendences of the fully-lived life to be her teacher. She is generous with her vulnerability and inspiring in her strength. Gaea opens up space for all of us to grow large enough to become comfortable in our own skins…no easy feat.
Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., author of Fierce with Age and 20 other books

It is a rare delight to encounter a literary voice so wise, refreshingly honest, open-hearted and irreverant as that of Gaea Yudron in her candid yet magically surreal memoir Songs of the Inner Life.

Rebecca Cintron Osvold


Songs of the Inner Life is a remarkable memoir that combines the outer story of a passionate woman’s long life with a rich, complex spiritual journey. This book explores ways in which the so-called ordinary world is infused with the inner life– moving from childhood, where Gaea as a small child meets visionary spiritual guides, through totem contact with great whales during an international activist journey, closeness with Tibetan spiritual masters from long engagement with Tibetan Buddhism; and personal, almost secret, meetings with mythical figures and energetic essences, relationships developed through singing, meditation, writing, and prayer.
–Carolyn Myers, playwright and actress

Reading Songs of the Inner Life, I was picked up and taken away on an always fascinating journey … sometimes slowly meandering like a wide, deep river, at other times racing and darting through narrow, twisting, white water filled canyons, breath held, heart racing…sharp, dangerous rocks and all. I found it lyrical, exotic, human and extraordinary.

This wholly personal and self-reflective account struck chords within me that were both Universal and heroic. A vivid, wise, compassionate and poetic recounting of a life richly and fully lived. I am still thinking about this book. Well worth diving into. ”
–Melani Marx, On Purpose Life Design