Using hypnotherapy and rapid eye technology for healing

“I went to see Gaea Yudron for help with the anxiety, stress and doubt I was experiencing about chemotherapy.  She helped me with hypnotherapy in her office and also created a recording for me to play during chemotherapy sessions.This recording was a combination of relaxation and visualization techniques.  It began with mindfulness breathing and a body scan where I would relax each part of my body in turn.  Then there were words of acceptance of however I was feeling at the moment, and reminders to regard myself with compassion.

Gaea and I had discussed how we both didn’t like the “warfare” imagery of “fighting” cancer.  She cleverly developed imagery of the cancer cells getting lighter and lighter until they disappeared, and, alternately, getting smaller and more shriveled until they could be swept away.  Most importantly, I learned to see the chemotherapy as working in harmony with my body’s immune system. As side effects arose during and between treatments, I was able to recognize them as steps along the way to optimal health. Most of all, the hypnotherapy sessions and recording guided me to regard myself as an active participant in even this most alienating part of the cancer journey.” —CM

“I so appreciate Gaea for the work that she does. I had several rapid eye and hypnotherapy sessions with her and found them to be very helpful. I could feel things shifting and it opened up space that allowed me to look at questions about my life in a new way. Thank you Gaea.” —DL

“Your work has had a profound effect on my life. It goes beyond what traditional therapy does. You are an incredible healer.” –EG

“These sessions have been truly life-changing. I struggled for over 25 years with limiting phobias. I was afraid I would never achieve freedom from my fears, but thanks to working with you, I have. There is no real way I can thank you. I hold you in my heart and in the light.” –PR