Retirement and Inspirement Coaching


Enjoy real aliveness in later life

coaching-1People live an average of 30 years after retirement. Most of us look forward to those years and the increased freedom and leisure time they promise. But the transition to post-career is not always easy to navigate. Once we stop working, difficulties may arise.

Who am I?

After decades of work we may find ourselves feeling somewhat lost. We might discover that we’re missing our colleagues and the structure and meaning our work provided. We may lose our sense of identity, feeling unsure of who we are now. We could become bored, depressed or anxious.

What should I do with the rest of my life?

What do you want for the rest of your life? What gives you a sense of connection and purpose? Do you have long-held dreams you would like to explore? Is there anything in the way of relaxing into the life you want to live? Do you have beliefs or fears about aging that hold you back? How can you contribute your gifts and skills? Are you drawn to begin an encore career? These are some of the important issues that are reviewed in the course of Retirement and Inspirement Coaching.

Benefits of Retirement & Inspirement Coaching

coaching-2Retirement and Inspirement Coaching provides tools and strategies to help you create your own vision for this stage of your life. In the process, you will clear away obstacles and develop new skills and self-understanding.

  • Re-envision your attitudes and beliefs about aging
  • Find new direction, meaning and inspiration from within yourself
  • Clear issues and traumas from earlier stages of life
  • Learn how to make decisions based on trust and comfort rather than fear
  • Embark on the important inner work of the elder

Coaching can also help you move through grief from loss of loved ones. It can give you tools for managing pain effectively. It can help in re-framing depression and reducing stresses associated with caregiving or illness.

How Retirement and Inspirement Coaching Works

The coaching process begins as you complete the Retirement and Inspirement Coaching self-evaluation form, Taking Steps into Deeper Happiness and Contentment.

Completing the self-evaluation form helps you to identify your attitudes and perceptions about aging and retirement. Your answers give us a powerful set of tools to use in the coaching process.

Coaching sessions may include rapid eye technology, hypnotherapy, stress reduction, life review, meditation and other techniques. Sessions are one hour long and can take place in person, by phone or via Skype. Please email Gaea at to set up a free 10-minute initial phone consultation and begin the coaching process.

When you are ready to schedule your first 60-minute phone or in-person coaching session, pay securely using the PayPal link below. You can also pay by check.

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