Gaea Yudron has enjoyed a varied career as a journalist, poet, environmental activist, mother, health care professional, nonprofit staffer, magazine editor, writer of educational materials, and much more. Since the mid 1970s, she has been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. In 1978 she helped to found Tashi Choling Center for Buddhist Studies, with which she is still associated. Buddhist meditation, philosophy and psychology are naturally present and form an important basis for her work and life.

At 53, Gaea felt impelled to begin a process of life review. She began recollecting, contemplating and processing events and patterns of her life, and this has gone on for many years. Some of the writings from this journey made their way into her book Songs of the Inner Life.

Gaea has been a writer and poet from the age of 11. Her latest book, Dharma Treasure in the Mountain Valley: A History of Tashi Choling is available at She co-authored a best-selling book on herbs (Growing and Using the Healing Herbs, Gaea Weiss and Shandor Weiss, Rodale Press). She contributed chapters to a number of books and produced a chapbook titled Words Themselves are Medicine. Her poetry, articles and essays have appeared in many publications, including Yoga Journal and The Oregonian.

Gaea has produced a variety of age-positive workshops, talks and events. In collaboration with composer Laura Rich, Gaea created A New Wrinkle, a musical revue on aging that debunks stereotypes and illuminates the opportunities of later life. The musical revue is consciousness-raising, witty, often hilarious and sometimes provocative.

Gaea’s focus on growing older with the emphasis on growing leads her to continue to create and take joy in the opportunities each day provides.

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