What does positive aging

   mean to you?

        To me it means growing old

                 with the emphasis on growing!


In 2008 when I was inspired to start Sage’s Play, I wanted to change our culture’s view of aging singlehandedly, like Wonder Woman! One thing I did create is a wonderful musical revue titled A New Wrinkle, which contains many great songs about aging!

I gave a variety of workshops and talks, but as the years passed, I decided to step back from those activities in favor of more leisure and solitude. I do occasionally offer a course I developed to support people in reviewing, repairing, and writing about their lives.

I’ve written several books, and you can read about them here.  For the past few years, I have been working on a new book, Most Precious Friend, the life story of a wonderful Tibetan master named Gyatrul Rinpoche.

Here’s hoping that you are finding pathways into whatever makes you happy. Wishing you well if you decide turn up the volume on the beautiful music of your creativity,  amplify your experience of well-being, engage in some deep play, and take time to reflect on and heal the patterns and events of your life.

—Gaea Yudron

P.S.  Some social activists are doing great work on consciousness-raising and shifting perspectives about aging. Check out Radical Age Movement   and the work of dynamic, entertaining author and speaker  Ashton Applewhite. 

Surfing the age wave together feels better than getting swamped by aging…let’s age with attitude…embrace aging