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Positive aging means growing old with the emphasis on growing!


Greetings, my friend….

Welcome to Sage’s Play. I was inspired to start this adventure in 2008 as a kind of pro-aging medicine. Our age-phobic society generally focuses on bad news about aging. Of course, aging has gravitas, issues, challenges. And… it is a stage of life that is deeper and for some of us even more passionate than any other time. I wanted to find ways to illuminate the considerable richness and power of later life, and I also wanted to encourage older adults to live vividly and fully rather than collapsing into stereotypes of being old.

Over the years, I’ve offered seminars, salons and performance events. I developed a musical revue titled A New Wrinkle. I publish a newsletter and an occasional blog. The events and writings I produce are intended to brighten, inspire and expand peoples’ vistas and life.

Surfing the age wave together feels better and is much more fun than getting swamped by aging. Turn up the volume on the beautiful music of your creativity.  Amplify your experience of well-being. Engage in some deep play. Take time to reflect on the patterns and events of your life. I invite you to look around and get acquainted. There’s plenty to explore.

—Gaea Yudron, Director



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